Why Frida?

Frida Kahlo is a Mexican artist and icon. She is such a powerful presence for so many female artist. The love for Frida goes beyond her wonderful art, her style and the emotion she portrays. There is a romance and power around her ageless story. In a time where women had little rights Frida lived her life however she wanted. She was independent, strong and outspoken. Artist have to put themselves out on display for the world to judge and Frida owned that courage despite being physically disabled and heartbroken!

Inspiration is monumental.

To be like Frida I am filling my life with people who motivate, mentor and have positive perspectives. My friends and family have helped get me to this point in my life. I can now truly say that I love who I have become.

The power of belief is unmeasurable.

The verbiage of setbacks such as, “I am not XYZ and I can’t,” have been discarded from my vocabulary. Today I say, “If Frida can do it then I can do it too.” I can be whomever I want to be just like Frida. I know I just have to work harder and not give up or lose confidence. In the last 4 years I have become so much more. I am a writer, artist, photographer, designer, athlete, and a business owner!

The Dress.

My dress looks simple although it took me about 30 hours from start to finish in the design process. Here I share just a few of my design photos.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

I have been studying how to make a garment I can wear that will also fit multiple sizes. By making side panels under the arms and ties I have achieved multiple sizing with my current Frida Kahlo inspired dress. This dress will fit a 32″ – 42″ bust and a 30″ – 40″ waist.

The Show.

I’m honored to be a part of the Finding Frida art exhibit.

Finding Frida Dates

Opening Gallery Date: First Friday, June 1
Final Date of Exhibit July 14

Other Frida inspired art pieces I have made over the years.

New Frida Class

This summer I have a Frida Dress Day Retreat, July 21st. We will making Frida inspired wrap dresses at the Habitat Community Center in Kettering.


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