When I was young, I used to dress my Barbie Dolls in scraps of fabric, creating unique fashions for the various festivals and outings they would attend. When I was in high school, my Grandmother let me use her sewing machine in the basement where I would “Frankenstein” outfits together from thrift store finds, which eventually led to the creation of my velvet prom dress. I had one class of Home Ec and the rest was experimentation. In college, my best friend was a fashion design major and my favorite internship was in the costumes department of the Chicago History Museum, yet fashion was never a thing I pursued other than as a casual hobby. That was until I was gifted a Janome My Lock 234D Serger, that I lovingly named Pinky, and the fashion beast in me was released! Taking flat pieces of fabric and piecing them together using the lines of the serger to create design and form was a very satisfying endeavor. I took store bought or up-cycled fabrics and used this patchwork technique to combine them with my custom fabric printed via Spoonflower. I was able to take my paintings and drawings, alter them into kaleidoscopes or repeating patterns and create my own custom fabric that was full of color and sometimes creatures!

At this point, I have created two collections for the Clash Fashion Show and have the third in the works for Spring. It is the closest thing to being on Project Runway that I will ever experience and I love it! This last collection was my favorite and I would love to share the pieces with you in this post.

Mina – is ready to battle in these overall shorts made from quilted Metots (Me-tots) fabric. The hoodie vest has kaleidoscope Metots panels combined with red/purple velvet. These pieces were not originally planned as a  pairing and as a whole the collection are not outfits I would wear on the street, but for the Clash Fashion Show I like to really put on a spectacle! 

Arielle – is red hot in these overall shorts paired with a Minky Bolero hoodie, both feature quilted floral designs from my paintings.  I am showing you these works in the order they walked in the show and that was carefully considered. Even though each piece walks separately on the runway, the visual flow from one piece to the next  is something I really consider. 

Sheena – is flirty in this deep pocket dress with custom fabric breast panels. The festive fingerless gloves are made from green sports lycra with multi-color stitching. The fingerless gloves came about as an effort to winterize this look a bit more. I am excited to make more and really love how they turned out! 

Laura – is bright and bold in this asymmetrical zipper hoodie with Minky crazy quilted squares. The hoodie is paired with a polka dot free-form, one-of-a-kind dress.  I am really proud of this dress. It was pieced together using a mannequin to sculpt the form around. It has a hanger ready vibe from a distance, but up close you can  see all the parts. 

Molly – is a vibrant glow in these overall shorts made from heavy woven fabric in a variety of hues. The Bolero Hoodie with bright green sleeves features floral fabrics. The overalls took me forever and look amazing, but after I finished them, including a zipper in the back, I realized that the woven fabric would not hold together around the stitching and this piece became very unpractical. It was just for the show probably never to be worn  again…sigh. 

DeAira – rules in these leggings created from the painting, “Worm Wine.” They are paired with a hoodie featuring the Metot, Finny, on the back. This was a last minute creation and I wish I had a shot of the back panel, because the image of Finny is HUGE and takes up most of the back! I have several giant Metots to work with now because I ordered them thinking I would make pillows, but the fabric was just too soft, so they will become hoodies instead!

Emily – is edgy and modern in this asymmetrical zippered hoodie featuring a green kaleidoscope of multiple Metots, paired with grey and black Metot quilted tube skirt. This hoodie is the same pattern as the one Laura wore. I love the look, but not working with that pattern! Such a pain. We shall see if I every make it  again…Damn she looks cool! 

Alexus – is cozy in her grey and pink quilted hoodie that combines subdued Cheshire Cat, floral and star embossed Minky fabrics. The hoodie is been paired with a deep pocket striped dress with quilted torso.  This is  the same dress that Sheena wore. I love how it looks so different and so cute on different bodies. 

Brett – is rocking the pink Cheshire Cat leggings with matching Cheshire hoodie. This is a whole lot of pink! I debated pairing them  together for the show, but then I saw Brett in them and thought it was amazing! More leggings are available in a variety of sizes on www.kollaranderson.com/goodies/

KeAnn – is wearing the final dramatic look. This white gown is made from the scraps of stretchy Sports Lycra and was free-form constructed. There are no zippers, clasps or other closures in this dress. I want to live in this dress, but I may try selling it too. The idea of a bride wearing this on her special day makes me super giddy inside. It is the most comfy formal attire ever! KeAnn said she did not want to take it off, and who  would blame her with how amazing she looked! 

Hope you can join us at the next Clash Fashion Show on Saturday, April 27, 6:00pm at Masque, 34 N. Jefferson St. The show is organized by Mary Kathryn Burnside of Clash, 521 E 5th St, Dayton, OH. All runway photos by Brian Mikulski. Hair by Allie Matta Hair, Derailed Hair Salon, Kami Ross and Audra Hayden. Makeup by Joshua Vanity Lucas, Lee VanArtsdalen and Jessica Gilbert.

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