We all want to feel like we belong to a group that shares a common thread? Through a meet up group called, The Dayton Garment Designers Meet Up , I have found my tribe! Connecting with others that share your passion stimulates growth and inspires. While other people may get tired of hearing all about upcoming and past projects, without a doubt, you can put it all on the table with this group. I’m more than thankful to be inspired by their talents.

This week we’re featuring members that participated in the most recent Clash Fall Fashion Show. They each chose their favorite look in the show and then wrote about it.

Amy Kollor Anderson Owner of Amy Kollar Anderson Art

Photo by @amanda.l.barbosa Hair by @erinkatedoeshair Makeup by Lee Lockhard @clashdayton

The Onion Fairy, worn by @s.p.modeling , is my favorite look from the Fall/Winter Clash Fashion Show. One of the reasons it is my fav is because of how it revealed itself to me during the creative process. The skirt and 3/4 floating sleeves, made from thrift store found fabric, were intended to go under another dress, but the resulting look was bulky and unflattering. Taking advantage of the raw fabric edge to add a texture detail, I decided to use them as the start of a new design instead. My serger was loaded with a plum purple thread since I had a lot of that color in my collection and I liked how it contrasted with the silver lycra. I began by serging long petal shapes and draping them on a dressform until I saw lines and shapes that pleased me. Then I used my sewing machine to tack them into place. The long angular organic shapes combined with the sheerness and embroidered circle patterns of the skirt and sleeves reminded me of onion layers. I picture her floating through the garden with sparkling tears glittering in the sun as they roll down her cheeks.

Gwen Vo Owner of Lady Tactic

This is my favorite look. I call her my Sweater Dress Mini. This one was inspired by a design I saw online while scrolling one day. I start all my projects with an existing pattern and this one was no different. I mashed a few different patterns to get this look. One was the top, another was for the hood and then another for the skirt. I added the back corset to the pattern. Due to the weight of the sweater knit the top grew in size and I wanted to give the wearer the ability to get a more fitted look if desired. I have really long arms and love a good long sleeve so I made the sleeves longer and then added a black band to give it a completed look. The final length of the sleeve hits about mid knuckle for the average arm. The pocket on the front is self drafted and lined to give stability and warmth to the wearer as it was a thinner sweater knit than the main fabric. This was a really fun make for me as it required a lot of creativity and outside the box thinking for me. I’m not brave enough to just cut with out a pattern. Fabric is expensive and I hate wasting so with every cut there is a lot of anxiety I have to control. This top took me about 3 weeks to complete because of the anxiety i had about perfecting it. I’m so incredibly happy with the end result and I already have an order for another one.

Sharon Davis

Photo by Brian Mikulski, Modeling Andrea Benson, Designer Sharon Davis

The fabric was purchased from the Dayton sewing collaborative. It was the outfit I wore for Easter oh, and there was enough fabric that my sister also made her Easter dress. It was a polyester crepe. I offer alterations and clothing construction, etc. 937-681-1947. My  email address is Sewcreative417@yahoo.com

Joy Hoover Owner of Joy2Sew

Modeling Emma Rose Photo by Amanda of Dayton Boudoir Photography, Designer Joy Hoover

Creating Deanery from Game of Thrones modeled by the lovely Emma Rose, was my favorite piece. I draped this piece completely on my dress form and was very pleased that it came together so well for her. Seeing Amanda of Dayton Boudoir Photography showcase it so well was such a delightful treat that made it truly come alive. You can find this and my other creations in my etsy shop.

Marlene MacVane

Written by Kimmi Lynn, “Fashion doesn’t have a size, Fashion doesn’t define social stereo types. Fashion is what you make it, Fashion is owning the body you dress, Fashion is most important, FUN!!”

I had a blast walking the runway last weekend for the Clash Dayton Fashion Show.

Barbara Patrick Owner of Echo Woods Design

Photo by Amanda Barbosa, Modeling Kathryn Stomps, Design by Barbara Patrick

My favorite look was worn by Kathryn Stomps. She’s wearing an oriental inspired dress made from 100% silk with sequins and beads and is fully lined. The dress has silver accents ties and piping on the yokes and sleeves. The fully lined long husky length blush colored fur jacket has a suede backed stand up collar. Both dress and jacket have side seam pockets. Doesn’t Kathryn look stunning in this outfit! You can find Barbara at https://www.facebook.com/Echo-Woods-Design-by-Barbara-Patrick-162763723792563/

Anna and Katie Co-owners of Prairie Rose & Marigold

The original Moto dress features inset striped panels and a back zip. The blue satin bomber has welt pockets and a gold front zip. Anna Baltes and Katie Stafiniak are two art school grads and best friends who love to design and sew clothing. They own a custom sewing and alterations business with locations in Beavercreek and West Milton, OH.
Website: www.prairieroseandmarigold.com
Instagram and Facebook:

Model Mimi Walker IG @skyywalkr_
Photo by Amanda Barbosa IG @daytonboudoir

Shanice owner of Shanice Dorje-Chang

While I love all my looks from the clash fashion show, The exotic feather wrap suit dress in yellow satin is my favorite look and for the fashion show I was able to sculpt some specific jewelry to go with each outfit. This one had my favorite jewelry piece as well, The mustache bowtie. It just so happens to be the one that I was modeling. The satin fabric was gifted to me but my mother from a recent trip to Durban South Africa. The inspiration for the look was inspired buy a a suit jacket that I got for free, that reminded me of a tailcoat jacket. I turned that into a high low dress with a pleated circle skirt back with pockets and I recycled the original gold clasp from the first suit jacket into this dress. I wanted to make something that would stand out during New York Fashion Week since I plan to attend at least one show I was in New York volunteering and I also wanted it to be something that I would want to wear often and that I would be able to recreate and different fabrics. I feel like I was able to accomplish that goal I’m very happy with it.

I would like to thank everyone that contributed and for taking the time to share with us.

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