You would think food is an easy subject that we can talk and agree on all day. Changing habits can be hard and it has been a struggle in my work life. Bringing lunch to work was already hard before Covid, as bringing any food other than carrots or apples into a sewing studio is a big no-no, not to be confused with nom-nom. All it takes is one drop of anything to splash on a table or wall, then someones beautiful dress gets exposed and I am in big trouble.

I used to bring soups, salads and left overs using the community refrigerator and microwave at my work. I would eat these meals in a community space. With the virus we are keeping socializing and being in small spaces together to a minimum to minimize the spread. I am staying out of those spaces.

Once I went back to work after the stay at home order was lifted I had to rethink food. I figured if I made business hours start at noon I could go in and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while walking outside. That got boring quick. (Thats just me looking cute, walking up to the door eating a P&J) Next, I switched to different sandwiches like BLTs and avocado.

Then the weight gain started and I soon realized I would need to switch up my meal plan once again. I know a big part of gaining weight is that this has all been so stressful and trying to run a small business is already stressful. I also started exercising and was seeing no results.

Friends inspire! I’ve been staying in touch with friends through the video app, Marco Polo. One friend told me if I wanted to see any changes I would have to start counting calories. I appreciate her honesty and I took her advice. Counting calories has been the biggest eye opener to what my true problem was. It was not just those sandwiches!

Lots of comments have been made to a food and fitness app like, “What do you mean I ate 444 calories in quinoa?” and “This stuff is supposed to be healthy,” and “Why is it lunchtime and I only have 400 calories left for the whole day?” The struggle has been real and I am still figuring out just what can I bring to work every day? There are not great answers here. My frustrations are not with the app either but with the idea that it’s not immediate gratification and results. It hasn’t even been a week yet. Why do I have so much patience with sewing, family and clients although none with myself?

I’m not looking for advice or answers and I’m definitely not interested in your opinion of my figure either way. I get plenty of that stuff on social media. I am also not looking for the newest fad diet. We like to eat whole foods here and have had a meal planner for years now. But perhaps we fell off track somewhere with eclairs, ice cream, pot pies, chicken wings and more. Perhaps we are all just trying to find our way. I am looking to be self aware mentally and physically and I always like to start the new year on the good foot. I want to be the change in myself as I age to be the little old lady I want to be and still have cake once in a while.

What struggles are you going through as we move through these tough times?

That’s a wrap for this week! Stay with us next week for our best of 2020 makes/ year in review.

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