Through the Looking Glass of Time

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Have you ever seen a movie set in a specific time period but you've still been able to date the production because the current styles bled through? Hair styles, color themes and popular silhouettes give [...]

A Decade in the Biz

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I have had my professional business license to make and sell garments for a decade now. I thought it would be fun to round-up some of the more interesting makes and share some back story [...]

No Readers Glasses Needed

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Large Print Motifs and Designs According to my 1970s Vogue sewing book large prints and large print motifs are strictly for tablecloths. I am here today to share with you that they are not! I'm [...]

The 30 Minute Dress

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This is one of the easiest dresses I have ever made on my serger! Don't despair if you do not have a serger you can use your sewing machine with the zig zag stitch and it [...]

Conquering One Yard of Fabric; Part 3 and 4

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Last summer I challenged myself to figure out what to do with 60" wide one yard pieces of fabric. I have already shared part one the shift dress and part two a caftan top. I saved [...]

Wall Hanging Dress

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Sometimes, you just want to make something fun but also easy. This tent dress is one of my go to designs and it was perfect for a thrifted wallhanging. It would also work with a [...]

Directions for the T-Skirt

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It's no secret I love buying new fabric almost as much as I love making things. However, I'm about to present you with a project that is free from buying new fabric, is easy and [...]

Rocking With A Favorite Fabric Designer

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I have totally fallen in love with the concept of only shopping local or small indie shops this year. Meeting and getting to know real people that sew brings me such joy. Although, any opportunity [...]

Need a Leash?

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Have you seen all the new outdoor chairs that have handles, covers with straps or convert to a backpack? Since the Levitt Pavilion opened in Dayton we have lugged our almost 20 year old outdoor [...]

Project of the Year

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Have you ever gone down the rabbit hole of looking for the perfect sized piece of furniture or wished you could just do it yourself? This has been me looking for a work sewing desk [...]