Directions for the T-Skirt

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It's no secret I love buying new fabric almost as much as I love making things. However, I'm about to present you with a project that is free from buying new fabric, is easy and [...]

Rocking With A Favorite Fabric Designer

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I have totally fallen in love with the concept of only shopping local or small indie shops this year. Meeting and getting to know real people that sew brings me such joy. Although, any opportunity [...]

Need a Leash?

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Have you seen all the new outdoor chairs that have handles, covers with straps or convert to a backpack? Since the Levitt Pavilion opened in Dayton we have lugged our almost 20 year old outdoor [...]

Project of the Year

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Have you ever gone down the rabbit hole of looking for the perfect sized piece of furniture or wished you could just do it yourself? This has been me looking for a work sewing desk [...]

Get Funky with Fine Fabrics

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If you even remotely dabble in the sewing world you have probably heard the rumors about how challenging fine fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon, georgette and many more slippery goodies, can be. It is my [...]

Not Your Gma’s Muumuu

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This is not your 1959 Hawaiian Muumuu dress! The MuuMuu dress is a loose dress of Hawaiian origin. It's usually bright colored with Polynesian flower prints. According to Wikipedia MuuMuu means, "cut off" and it [...]

Building Confidence with Eight

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Eight girls signed up for this years teen fashion camp at Rosewood Art Centre in Kettering. Can you imagine trying to build confidence while unjamming machines, breaking needles and trouble shooting sewing machine mistakes on the [...]

The Mindful Wardrobe

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We are all seeing a movement called "Mindful Clothing." The trend is popping up everywhere again. It's a few things, fixing and mending what you own, buying handmade clothing, buying vintage, up-cycling and staying away [...]

Conquering One Yard of Fabric; Part 2

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Warning, these one yard - almost zero waste garments, are not in the order I made them. Naturally, I chose the hardest first, which was a big mistake. I don't want that to happen to you. [...]

Conquering One Yard of Fabric; Part 1

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Great things are often invented from having some type of major dilemma. My last venture was learning to design fabric on Spoonflower. I have almost 150 fabric designs in my Spoonflower shop and the best [...]

Swimsuit Replica

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I'm on a mission to use up all of my fabric stash this year! So far I have been successful. I had quite a bit of fabric left over from last years striped swimsuit project [...]