The Dustbowl Scrap Dress by Tracy McElfresh

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Some of the best memories are made with friends and for me if I can get them to a fabric store it’s double joy. We biked to Little Shop of Stitches, Miamisburg where I purchased fabric for my holiday scrap dress.

The bolt of fabric I […]

Draping the Design of a Dream Dress Inspired by Frida Kahlo

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There was a time when I wanted to be a painter like Frida Kahlo. Fine arts painting brought me joy. I took numerous classes at Rosewood Art Centre in Kettering. I spent countless dollars on supplies like Cobalt blue and a Winton hog hair flat brush #6. My practices were entertaining and time-consuming. My painting […]

Music by Gershwin Dress by Me

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Every year I love to make a fun holiday dress or two. This years gown was inspired by a 1940s sewing machine company sales ad from a machine I own. The ad implies you can make elegant and beautiful things that are as classy as Gershwin’s music. For me I needed beautiful yet simple and fast! Here […]

Depression Era Dress Replica, Birth of my Solids Challenge and Curt Dalton’s Book, Made do or Did Without

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Let’s start with the depression era dress, although I also want to talk about how this dress birthed my 2016 solids challenge and Dayton historian Curt Dalton’s book about the depression'”Made Do or Did Without”.

In 2012 one of my students gave me this tattered depression era dress.

Depression Era Dress Replica and [...]
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Day of the Dead meets the Date Night Dress

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What’s more fun for your birthday than going fabric shopping with one of your best friends? This is my friend Brenda, we had so much fun looking fabrics and discussing them. There is so much education in a fabric store.

Day of the Dead Dress with Date Night Dress by Tracy's [...]
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1930s Nightmare Vogue Pattern Turn Around

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In 2009-2010 I was absolutely crazy about any patterns, movies or styles from the 1930s. I rented every movie Wright Library had from the 1930s. My favorite was Stage Door, it had the most pretty, elegant and fun garments.

At the time there were not a lot of indie pattern designers making replicas.

Biodegradable Wildflower Wedding Dress

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Over the summer I had a brilliant idea to make a dress that would be good for our environment and bring beauty for futures to come. A dress that would not last for ever but would come back in a beautiful way every year.\n\nAt our little shop Sew Dayton we alter so many […]

Baby Blue 1930s Dress Replica and Dayton Fashion Week

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In 2012 before we started Sew Dayton I applied to be in a fashion show called Dayton Fashion Week. It was the first one to be held in Dayton and I was excited to be a part of it.

Tracy McElfresh Dayton Fashion Week […]

DIA Frida Inspired Dress

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Frida Kahlo inspires so many artists. Is it her art, her awesome girl power, her big and bold style, her sadness in her paintings or just her dramatic character?

notes from DIA

My red Frida Kahlo inspired dress was designed after our trip to the Frida Diego art […]

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