Year of the Up-Cycle Dress by Tracy McElfresh

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I am on the brink of the biggest Up-cycle project to date, the beer can dress, which brings me here today.

A little back story before we begin. As a child my mother didn’t believe in buying anything new. I was 16 with 2 baby sisters and all of the extra money my family had went […]

Ikea Curtain Dress

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We all love the movie, The Sound of Music, especially if you sew. I’ve making dresses out of other recycled/upcycled cloth for over a decade now. I love doing this because you can use fabric no one else has. It’s more than just one of a kind.

Tracy McElfresh Dressmaking out of [...]
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Vintage Lifestyle Magazine Dress

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In 2012 someone donated yet another table cloth material. I made a dress and gave it to my dear friend Leslie Ruby Randall. Leslie and I work together a lot and I want to thank her for all her hard work and time.

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Table Cloth Dress Series Pink Lilies

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This is another example of a dress I made that cost under $1. In 2010 there was not a lot of money and I wanted to work my craft. My husband was loosing his job from as the GM of Borders Book Store. He was planning on opening a brewery and I was planning my […]

Table Runner Dress

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This is another example of sewing on a budget. This dress was made with a fabric remnant from my days of working at Hancock Fabric and an old table runner my mother gave to me. Total cost $5!\n\nTracy McElfresh\n\nPhoto by Seth Stephens and modeling is Sarah […]

Table Cloth Dress

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In 2008 there was not a lot of spending money so I made a line of dresses from table cloths from the thrift store. It was a make do and mend time period in my life. This dress was under $2 to make and it proves sewing is not\n\nTracy [...]
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