The Riding Coat

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In late September 2014 while watching TV in my bedroom I was folding laundry and feeling not so pretty. I saw this beautiful picture on the screen and I took a quick pic and posted it to Instagram. Ruby Randall contacted me instantly with a request for a romantic 18th century riding […]

Only Lovers Survive

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After seeing the romanic indie film Only Lovers Survive I wanted to make an entire line of romantic clothing. I started with the fabric this time. What this old piece? Yep it was some kind of think synthetic weave that the back looked like someone was using it as a painters drop cloth. […]

1940s Faux Fur Coat

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Another thing I love to make is outerwear. Coats are so much fun! I get to use all kinds of fun sewing skills when making them.\n\nThis coat was made from a 1940s vintage sewing pattern. The large pockets and lining were done in bright red Winsor Satin.\n\nTracy [...]
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