Interview with a Family of Master Costumers

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Do you ever wonder what it is like to be surrounded by a family of the most creative, accurate and highly detailed costumer makers? I do! Tell me this family is not amazing!

I am more than excited to introduce from Merritt Island, Florida “Simple Tricks & Nonsense” otherwise known as Becky, John and John Sr.

Pokemon Trainer Custom Costume a Mother’s Day Story

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A few weeks ago I received a most interesting email. A guy named Juan wrote and asked if I would make his wife a Pokemon trainer costume for a family photo. Right away I said yes to this project! Then he asked if I could do it by Mother’s Day, which was in 2 weeks. It […]

Music by Gershwin Dress by Me

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Every year I love to make a fun holiday dress or two. This years gown was inspired by a 1940s sewing machine company sales ad from a machine I own. The ad implies you can make elegant and beautiful things that are as classy as Gershwin’s music. For me I needed beautiful yet simple and fast! Here […]

Dr. Who Dress

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Last year a good friend Leah Stahl came to me and asked me if I would help make her daughter a dream dress for her high school dance. I said what is her dream dress? She showed me a picture of a Dr. Who dress, The Vintage Dr.

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