Wrap Top 1970s Inspired by Tracy McElfresh

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I’m back from a Charleston, SC vacation and I got to get crazy in a friends fabric shop, Five Eighth Seams! I bought tons of awesome knits to make more Insta Dress Tops at the Dayton Mini Maker Faire. I’m happy to be home with lots of awesome alterations […]

The Easy Frida Inspired Wrap by Tracy McElfresh

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Getting creative is important. What is hard is when you have more ideas and dreams than you have time to execute. This is a quick and easy dress I like to fashion when I’m short on time. My dream is to teach this easy wrap dress at a vacation resort in Mexico soon.

First, grab […]

Formal Wear Hacks and Upcycles by Tracy McElfresh

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Have you ever seen the movie Pretty in Pink? It’s a teen love story with some sewing/refashion parts from the 1980s. I’m incredibly happy to be in a time where it has become popular for people to take old formal gowns and bring them new life. I did 3 fashions last winter and I can […]

Outlander Coat Dress Designed by Tracy McElfresh

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Have you seen the design called the donut? It’s a one piece simple circle that looks like a party shrug.

All summer I was perplexed with one piece projects, scouring the internet for design inspirations. My friend Pamela Jackson’s donut garment opened the door to a new idea.

1950s Suspender Skirt Hack

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This summer I have a big shiny new venture (my very own studio).  I started accepting custom orders and boy did they come rolling in.\n\nOne I especially enjoyed was this 1950s skirt.

Tracy McElfresh Skirt 1950s

The problem was after getting my pieces out and laying them on the fabric I […]

Quilt Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent and Other News

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Last winter, for a special holiday gift for my husband, Jeffrey, I agreed to make him a t shirt quilt out of all of his old favorite t shirts.

I am a color worshipper! As I was cutting out all the pieces I noticed the colors were quite similar to a dress I had seen in so many […]

Art Collaboration with Amy Kollar Anderson

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Collaborations are an awesome thing!

Last fall my friend and fellow artist Amy Kollar Anderson asked me if she could paint my Art Deco butterfly dress for an invitational exhibition, to be held at The Schuster Performing Arts Center. This event was created by the Preble County Art Association to coincide with the Bridges […]

Dayton’s Cyber Punk Competition 2015

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The Cyber Punk Competition is an after party for the yearly Day-Con convention. Day-Con hosts one of the largest online security conventions around. People come from all over the world to Dayton, Ohio to attend. Dayton loves, technology, invention and yes hackers too.

Besides Clash Dayton’s fall and winter fashion show Mary the owner also […]

Hawaiian Party Dress

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This dress was so popular from 2011-2012 that I got to make it a few times and a lot different versions of it for customers and friends. It was right before the Mad Men, Bomb Shell, Pin Up craze. I can see why it’s flattering on every figure.

Tracy McELfresh

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