The Snowball Strawberry Quilted Dress

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Here comes Monday again and I’m here to talk about my strawberry snowball quilt failure. Here is how it all started!

Saturday mornings before work in 2015 I routinely watched PBS Think TV’s, Fons and Porter, For the Love of Quilting.

It’s not a secret that I don’t really quilt, but when I saw a demonstration […]

Natural Dying Part 2 and Viking Apron Dress

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After my first round of natural dying I was really set off by the lack color. For my 2nd round I would try to color my Cotton and Steel double gauze with the spice turmeric, it worked! Here is what I did!

I decided to soak my fabric in 4 quarts water, 1 part vinegar for […]

Natural Dying pt 1 and the Bohemian Peasant Dress

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For 2016, I have been on a long flowing bohemian kick. Last week I thought I would give natural dying a try as part of my solids challenges for 2016.\n\nI used a 1970s pattern for my Dayton Dressmakers Club Meet Up’s pattern swap.

Tracy McElfresh Natural Dying

My […]

Taking Your Skills to the Next Level, Pattern Grading, Hacking, Math

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Pattern hacking is simply a new term for altering a pattern. It’s the happy way to say alterations done to an existing pattern to get a new look.

A few summers ago I made a custom romper using this pattern. I added to the design special features for medical tubes and such.

Tracy McElfresh

Collaboration with The Mural Machine

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Last April two wonderful Dayton artists Etch and Tiffany Clark of the Mural Machine asked if I would be interested in making something out of their drop cloth from painting the East End Community Center, Cornerstone below.

East End Community Center, Cornerstone painted by Tiffany Clark and Etch

Goth Deco Fairytale Wedding Dress

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I can’t believe it has already been a week since my big fashion show. I’m excited to see all those professional pictures come back from the lovely photographers.

Today I’m going to write about the 1970s replica I made as my 3rd Solids Challenge of 2016. (using solid materials will clearly show craftsmanship as well as any […]

Dr. Who Dress

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Last year a good friend Leah Stahl came to me and asked me if I would help make her daughter a dream dress for her high school dance. I said what is her dream dress? She showed me a picture of a Dr. Who dress, The Vintage Dr.

We do not have time at

Titanic Replica Dress

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My Titanic replica dress was inspired by styles of 1910. Ever since I learned heirloom stitching I have been in love with the designs of this era. This was my inspiration photo.


First I draped my fabric on a dress form to get a feel for the design. […]