Wrap Top 1970s Inspired by Tracy McElfresh

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I’m back from a Charleston, SC vacation and I got to get crazy in a friends fabric shop, Five Eighth Seams! I bought tons of awesome knits to make more Insta Dress Tops at the Dayton Mini Maker Faire. I’m happy to be home with lots of awesome alterations […]

Dayton’s Mini Makers Faire and Real Art’s, Boneyard Build Off Competition Capes

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This summer I got involved in the very first Dayton Mini Maker’s Faire. I was really happy to be a part of this event. I met so many wonderful people.


When I did maker’s table with children sewing toys, projects and things for adults, I also got asked […]

Formal Wear Dress

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Over the years I have done a few wedding dresses. It was never my plan to want to make dresses that would just be worn once. It’s hard work to make a dress although when someone comes to me and is serous about me making their dress for one of their most special days, I take it into consideration.