My Stripe Rage!

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Inspired by a photography class and some Pinterest black and white photos I am wanting more stripes in my fashion.

Today’s handmade garment was inspired by this photo.





















With French terry being my chosen fabric from a social media option poll I chose this jumper.

Sewing Active Wear

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One thing I always need is work out clothes. Gym clothes like bathing suits are expensive although are easy to make and don’t cost $$$ in materials.

Why are knits easy? No ironing, fit is usually not a problem and sewing them up is fast. You will need patience of course.

Here are a few of the patterns, […]

Clash Dayton Fashion Shows w/Pictures

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Twice a year Clash Dayton a small but mighty shop in the Oregon District puts on a big fashion show. Every fall and spring we gear up for this amazing event. This was my 6th year participating in the show.

I have made so many friends, memories and connections at the Clash fashion show that […]

Glow in the Dark Cowgirl Dress

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What cow girl doesn’t want to look up at the stars and tell amazing stories of the past?\n\nMost of my friends know I love to have fun and it shows in the things I make. I’ve been told I have a child like mind by my art teachers and it’s a great thing. There is no […]