Easy Hippie Dress

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What makes a garment easy to sew? No closures, no lining and very little advanced techniques being used. The only fancy thing here was the welted pocket. You may leave that out or do a patch pocket.

You may remember my other quilt top jelly roll dress from last fall. Some of […]

The Snowball Strawberry Quilted Dress

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Here comes Monday again and I’m here to talk about my strawberry snowball quilt failure. Here is how it all started!

Saturday mornings before work in 2015 I routinely watched PBS Think TV’s, Fons and Porter, For the Love of Quilting.

It’s not a secret that I don’t really quilt, but when I saw a demonstration […]

The Florida Dress (Solids Challenge)

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I’ve been hooked on 1970s fashion and dresses this year. I was born in 1972 and in the state of Florida. It seemed fitting I make a Florida dress as a souvenir from a girls trip in January and my solids challenge #4 for 2016.

Why am I only sewing solids this year? When you sew […]