Ten Tips for Replicating Clothing

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Replicating is one of my favorite crafts! I hope you enjoy my tips that can help you remake some of your favorite garments, sew garments from pictures and grow your skillset.

  1. Start simple, whether it be from a photo or a garment to be replicated.
  2. If using a garment you own, cutting up the garment […]

Tips for Your First Dress Replica Draft

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Hello friends,

I have been making replicas for a just few years now. I have found a few great tips that have helped me. It’s another busy week so let’s jump in, when making your first replica you should consider starting with something that is easy to put together. This means barely any pieces, no closures and […]

Sewing Dress Replicas (Retro Reveiw)

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Dress replicas are one of my favorite things to sew. They may not always come out exact although the more I do the better I get at making them. I’m always learning new sewing skills to become a better teacher.

When I first started my first sewing business, Dresses by Tracy McElfresh, I stitched and stitched and […]

Happy New Year! A Dressmaker’s Year in Review

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Happy New Year! I’m excited for 2016 to begin although, before moving forward I would like to look back at my little learning experiences of 2015. Some fails and some success!

The first thing I made last year was the Snow Flake Dress Replica I was putting off from 2014.  Whenever I wore this 1940s […]

Art Deco Dress

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Historical Wright Memorial Library is one of my favorite places to get dress ideas and this one came from a book there called Chronicles of Western Costume.

Tracy McElfresh

In 2010 my husband Jeffrey was really on me to sew with perfection. He critiqued every dress […]

The Christmas Dress

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The Christmas Dress
I good friend of mine that has done so much for me and my sewing career, Ruby Randall, asked me to make her a colonial gown. At first I freaked out, matching plaid on that big of a scale could be tricky if at all possible. She assured me I could do […]

Snow Flake Dress Replica

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There is a shop in Dayton just a few doors down from our shop Sew Dayton called Clash. It’s a really cool dress shop that has every style under the sun. I get a lot of cool vintage dresses from this shop that I remake into new garments. This gives me the chance to […]

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