Let’s get Bio Dress Friendly

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The Concept of the Bio-Dress

Picture wearing a soft beautiful organic gown with imbedded wild flower seeds in the hemlines. After the big date you bury the dress in a garden. The dress slowly biodegrades becoming part of the earth while the seeds take hold and soon flowers bloom. With every years bloom good memories of […]

Designer Anne Klein Vintage Dress Pattern by Tracy McElfresh

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Once, last May, I took a day off and just sat still. I survived and it gave me time to figure out my upcoming projects.
The next morning as Joann opened I was there getting the things to make some dream sews happen.

I got a fancy black […]

The Mermaid Dress

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Grab a cup of hot stuff this one is a doozie!

One of my former sewing students, Monet, wrote me one morning with a photo of a dress she desperately wanted me to design for a formal event. After looking at the photo I kindly said sorry, the design was out of my skill level. It’s important to […]

The Dig Project, My 1950s Formal Wear Dress

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Have you ever wanted to sew an amazing era dress and be able to put it in an big art show? Last January I was invited to be in an art show called The Dig Project. I happily accepted before even reading what it was.

Breaking it down simply any artist in a 30 mile radius of Dayton is […]