The Riding Coat

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In late September 2014 while watching TV in my bedroom I was folding laundry and feeling not so pretty. I saw this beautiful picture on the screen and I took a quick pic and posted it to Instagram. Ruby Randall contacted me instantly with a request for a romantic 18th century riding […]

A Decade in the Biz

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I have had my professional business license to make and sell garments for a decade now. I thought it would be fun to round-up some of the more interesting makes and share some back story for each.

It was almost impossible to keep from sharing everything I have made. Making things strikes a deep nerve of […]

The Keys to Defining Success

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My Secrets to Turning My Hobby Job into a Success

The first year I went into business I got a good bit of negative feedback. People would say, “Good luck with that” or “Good luck with your business” and “People actually pay you to make clothing?” My favorite though, “If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse your […]

Early 20th Century Witch Costume Replica

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For years I have been wanting to replicate this dress! October is our busiest month at Sew Dayton. This year I made time in my schedule. This dress took 20 hours if not more to get from start to finish. This cute little witch was my inspiration photo.


My Dress Photo Shoot in Scotland

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One of the best dresses I stitched made it to a Scotland photo shoot! I know I blogged about the making of this dress although when the photos came back from Scotland I though the dress deserved an entire post to itself.

Tracy McElfresh Dress by Tracy McElfresh Modeling Leslie [...]
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Art Deco Dress

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Historical Wright Memorial Library is one of my favorite places to get dress ideas and this one came from a book there called Chronicles of Western Costume.

Tracy McElfresh

In 2010 my husband Jeffrey was really on me to sew with perfection. He critiqued every dress […]

Titanic Replica Dress

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My Titanic replica dress was inspired by styles of 1910. Ever since I learned heirloom stitching I have been in love with the designs of this era. This was my inspiration photo.


First I draped my fabric on a dress form to get a feel for the design. […]

1930s Sewing Obsession

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There is something so elegant about the dress styles of the 1930s. I spent the year of 2009 watching movies with fashions of the 1930s. I made a few dresses inspired by them that year as well. I was obsessed! My favorite was the movie Stage Door.\n\nTracy [...]
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Back From Japan Dress

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I love WWII 1940s era sewing patterns. They had very little waste and used little seam allowance due to the fabric ration. Here were my picks of patterns from Wearing History’s etsy shop and my fabric from Sew to Speak another indie sewing shop here in Ohio. The fabric said it […]

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