Barbie and the Matching Stripes

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Summer is not over, yet! I made another swimsuit with stripes that match up and look really cool and professional.

Matching stripes is not as hard as it may look. I will walk you through a few simple tips for successful stripe matching. Please remember that learning is a process and failures lead to success. I know […]

My Swimwear Journey 2014-2018

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When googling swimwear I find articles with titles like Coping with Body Image, Swimsuits for Women Over 40, Amazon’s 21 Best Sellers, Why Women Will Not Wear Swimsuits, How Not to Look Old in a Swimsuit (leave it to Oprah) and Best Day to Buy a Swimsuit (It’s June 8th according to that article). With […]

Replicating Swimwear Made Easy

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Want to replicate your swimwear easily? First find a swimsuit that has a great cut/fit, one that you don’t mind cutting up.

Tracy McElfresh Replicating Swimwear

Next gather your supplies before getting started!

Some of the things I found very useful: Fine needles, you will be pinning a lot. […]