Interview w/ Fairy Godmother Creations, Liane Wagner

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Owned by Liane Wangner, Fairy Godmother is a successful local sewing business that specializes in repurposing family memories into new family heirlooms. Liane and her staff will take items like wedding dresses and make them into christening gowns, teddy bears, Christmas tree skirts and all kinds of things. You should check out what she does […]

Star Wars Replica Dress

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My very first white dress was a replica from the 1977 movie Star Wars, Episode 5, A New Hope. The Princess Leia formal gown is more formal and made more like her real dress.

The thing most people do not know is that there were two white dresses Carrie Fisher wore. I discovered it when my […]

Formal Wear Dress

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Over the years I have done a few wedding dresses. It was never my plan to want to make dresses that would just be worn once. It’s hard work to make a dress although when someone comes to me and is serous about me making their dress for one of their most special days, I take it into consideration.