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Let’s start our own industrial EDU revolution!
Do you have a vintage sewing machine? Marlene MacVane and I had a great idea of having a vintage sewing machine art show. To make it even better we thought what if people from all over the world could come learn and see awesome sewing machines without leaving their homes?
It’s a virtual Party!! Starts in November!
Just like any virtual party you do not need to be online always, check in when you want to, join the fun. There will be games, prizes and networking.
Get good photos of your machines, share background, ownership, uses, where it was made and other info you can educate us with. Each day we will do a different time period.
Day 1 1840-1919
Day 2 1920-1939
Day 3 1940-1949
Day 5 1950- 1959
Day 6 1960-1969
Day 7 1970 and on

Join the party here!

It’s free, fun and we are not trying to sell you anything! It’s all about community and sharing!

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