The Witching Hour

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There is a place in my neighborhood we call Witches Tower, some call it Frankenstein’s Castle, but originally it was a look out for NCR (National Cash Register) that is now owned by Five Rivers Metro Parks. This was one of my favorite hang outs as a teen and […]

Confession of Little My Red Obsession

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Primarily my color, born in the early 1970s red was in then too. Here are some of the patterns that were popular the year I was born from McCalls Pattern Company.

Tracy McElfresh Confession red dress obsession

Red being the longest wave length, red is […]

Granny Dress

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The Granny Dress was truly inspired by the little historic town of Miamisburg, Ohio with 19th century architecture. I love to visit other indie fabric shops. Miamisburg has Little Shop Of Stitches and great bike trails by the Great Miami River. It was a win, win for my 42 birthday. These are the fabrics I chose […]

Dr. Who Dress

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Last year a good friend Leah Stahl came to me and asked me if I would help make her daughter a dream dress for her high school dance. I said what is her dream dress? She showed me a picture of a Dr. Who dress, The Vintage Dr.

We do not have time at

Only Lovers Survive

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After seeing the romanic indie film Only Lovers Survive I wanted to make an entire line of romantic clothing. I started with the fabric this time. What this old piece? Yep it was some kind of think synthetic weave that the back looked like someone was using it as a painters drop cloth. […]

The Elf Coat

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The Elf Coat- I in late September of 2014 watching TV in my bedroom, folding laundry and feeling not so pretty saw this beautiful picture on my tv screen and posted it to Instagram. Leslie Ruby Randall contacted me right away with her request for me to make her a romantic 18th century riding coat […]