The Two Piece Dress Prom 2017 DIY

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Every year for prom I see the most popular dresses because I provide alterations to the public. This year the most popular dress was the two piece dress. The main photo is just one I altered this year. I love it when customs send me pictures to share! It’s the best flattery.  Regular alterations for a […]

Confession of Little My Red Obsession

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Primarily my color, born in the early 1970s red was in then too. Here are some of the patterns that were popular the year I was born from McCalls Pattern Company.

Tracy McElfresh Confession red dress obsession

Red being the longest wave length, red is […]

Lolita and Babydoll Style Dressmaking

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Lolita fashion is said to have started in the 1970s although some say the 1980s. One thing we can all agree on is that it started in Japan. The original style was Rococo and Victorian based with knee-length dresses that were as cute as cupcakes.

Warning!!! Not all of these dresses are exact “Lolita Fashion”, […]

Baby Blue 1930s Dress Replica and Dayton Fashion Week

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In 2012 before we started Sew Dayton I applied to be in a fashion show called Dayton Fashion Week. It was the first one to be held in Dayton and I was excited to be a part of it.

Tracy McElfresh Dayton Fashion Week […]

Hermoine Dress

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The Hermoine inspired dress, 2012 Sew Dayton, our little fabric shop had just opened. I was still doing custom garments on my etsy page as the two jobs overlapped. A lady contacted me on etsy and asked if I could please make her 4 year old daughter a dress inspired by the movie Harry […]

Vintage Lifestyle Magazine Dress

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In 2012 someone donated yet another table cloth material. I made a dress and gave it to my dear friend Leslie Ruby Randall. Leslie and I work together a lot and I want to thank her for all her hard work and time.

tracy McElfresh\n\n


Classic Cars with Matching Dresses

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In 2013 Marita a mother of a model that I met at Dayton’s Fashion Week in 2012 came to me with a special request. She wanted a dress from the same time period as her classic car to wear to shows. I too loving the clean steam lines, colors and designs of the classics […]

Antique Shopping Kimono

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I made a kimono out of a WWII Japanese panel I found at an antiques treasure house while on vacation in Fla. I feel it shows our love for their culture even after the war.\n\nTracy McElfresh\nI wanted to cut it with respect, to have zero waste and […]