Reflecting a Light Backwards

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In the beginning I had an idea. The idea turned into a project that also continued to evolve. In the end the project turned out radically different from that idea as it was envisioned. These are a collection of dresses that hopped off the beaten path and are now truly a blast from the past.

The Two Piece Dress Prom 2017 DIY

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Every year for prom I see the most popular dresses because I provide alterations to the public. This year the most popular dress was the two piece dress. The main photo is just one I altered this year. I love it when customs send me pictures to share! It’s the best flattery.  Regular alterations for a […]

Confession of Little My Red Obsession

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Primarily my color, born in the early 1970s red was in then too. Here are some of the patterns that were popular the year I was born from McCalls Pattern Company.

Tracy McElfresh Confession red dress obsession

Red being the longest wave length, red is […]

Baby Blue 1930s Dress Replica and Dayton Fashion Week

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In 2012 before we started Sew Dayton I applied to be in a fashion show called Dayton Fashion Week. It was the first one to be held in Dayton and I was excited to be a part of it.

Tracy McElfresh Dayton Fashion Week […]

Hermoine Dress

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The Hermoine inspired dress, 2012 Sew Dayton, our little fabric shop had just opened. I was still doing custom garments on my etsy page as the two jobs overlapped. A lady contacted me on etsy and asked if I could please make her 4 year old daughter a dress inspired by the movie Harry […]

Vintage Lifestyle Magazine Dress

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In 2012 someone donated yet another table cloth material. I made a dress and gave it to my dear friend Leslie Ruby Randall. Leslie and I work together a lot and I want to thank her for all her hard work and time.

tracy McElfresh\n\n

Classic Cars with Matching Dresses

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In 2013 Marita a mother of a model that I met at Dayton’s Fashion Week in 2012 came to me with a special request. She wanted a dress from the same time period as her classic car to wear to shows. I too loving the clean steam lines, colors and designs of the classics […]

Antique Shopping Kimono

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I made a kimono out of a WWII Japanese panel I found at an antiques treasure house while on vacation in Fla. I feel it shows our love for their culture even after the war.\n\nTracy McElfresh\nI wanted to cut it with respect, to have zero waste and […]

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