A Decade in the Biz

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I have had my professional business license to make and sell garments for a decade now. I thought it would be fun to round-up some of the more interesting makes and share some back story for each.

It was almost impossible to keep from sharing everything I have made. Making things strikes a deep nerve of […]

Dayton’s Cyber Punk Competition 2015

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The Cyber Punk Competition is an after party for the yearly Day-Con convention. Day-Con hosts one of the largest online security conventions around. People come from all over the world to Dayton, Ohio to attend. Dayton loves, technology, invention and yes hackers too.

Besides Clash Dayton’s fall and winter fashion show Mary the owner also […]

DIA Frida Inspired Dress

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Frida Kahlo inspires so many artists. Is it her art, her awesome girl power, her big and bold style, her sadness in her paintings or just her dramatic character?

notes from DIA

My red Frida Kahlo inspired dress was designed after our trip to the Frida Diego art […]

Indie Patterns

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At Sew Dayton, a little sewing shop in Dayton, Ohio we teach all the indie patterns that we sell which also means we have to know, sew and understand all those patterns. What is an Indie pattern? It stands for Independent Pattern. Just like indie movies indie patterns are owned by real people. are more modern and the […]

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