Fast, Fake and Easy Smocking Sewing Machine Style

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Do you want to be remembered? Personalized gifts are the bomb and can easily become family heirlooms. No pleating machine, no problem. You can get this look in a little over an hour with a regular sewing machine!

I had every intention of doing this project by hand the correct way. I was gifted a cute 1940s […]

Let’s Make it for Todays Wear, 1912 Style Frock

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Have you ever seen a pattern cover or dress, fell in love with it, only to buy it and realize it was something you would never wear? We have all been there. I bought hundreds of patterns on those 99 cent sales before I realized what my personal style was.  I bought his floor length 1912 […]

Evolution of the One Piece Insta Dress

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Before we were get stared I wanted to share with you a project from last week. I’m so honored my home town of Kettering asked me to be in their Play2Day video.

Here we go~Do you know the old saying that goes “the less pieces a garment has the easier it is to put together?” […]