Want something easy and fun to make for the holiday? This can be a memorable parent child activity. Cutting the small flower shape may be a challenge for small hands so its great working together. I do not like to put an age on projects because that depends on the child. If your little one is good at cutting out little pieces with the right tools this is a good project for them. However if they have little cutting experience this project may be discouraging (aka Craft Kill). They can glue and arrange the pieces if they can’t cut tiny shapes. Ornaments look incredibly cute when made with children. Let them look handmade, there is such a delight in being human.

What you will need to round up
Our printable pattern
Stiff felt rectangles in the brightest colors (you can find them online)
Sharp scissors
Tacky glue (check your glue before starting to make sure it’s not old and dried up, I wish I had)
Tooth picks
Punching tool for holes


  1. Cut out all basic shapes – houses, pinatas, moons, and cactus and set aside.
  2. Cut out all of the little pieces, it helps to use small sharp scissors. Tip ~ it is easier to cut the pinata stripes longer and then cut them shorter after.
  3. Arrange them all on your felt pieces. Tip ~ wear short sleeves to keep your work off the floor.
  4. Use toothpicks to apply the glue onto the basic shapes. I like to use an old food lid that I can toss afterwards. If you have a favorite glue, use it. I found the pieces too small for a hot glue gun although with tweezers it might work.
  5. Let the glue dry all the way and then quality check them to make sure they adhered.
  6. Optional, if you really want to you can sew them on at this point?
  7. Punch holes in the tops of your ornaments and tie narrow ribbons through. I used the red snap tool although you can use any hole punch or you can make thread loops. The pretty ornament up top was a handmade gift from my friend Katie that owns Prairie Rose & Marigold. Check out her shop.

Bonus! After I made these I realized cowboy boots and hats would also be adorable.

Behind the scenes~

We added two new designs, The Buckeye Butterfly and Mexico Inspires to our Spoonflower shop. As soon as the samples are proofed they will be available for sale.

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