Have you ever really struggled to find the perfect project or pattern for a great fabric? How about not having enough fabric for some awesome pattern you already have? Here is a project I completed and how I managed to overcome similar issues.


















I have a really cool print on a thicker canvas style fabric. I knew I wanted this project to be my Fourth of July holiday prize piece but due to the thick canvas fabric it was hard to choose a garment. I asked on Facebook and everyone said, pillows, cushions or bags. These things were not going to work for me! Thicker fabric would need to be turned into something with structure like sailor pants, mod a line dress, jeans, fitted garments or overalls.

Armed with my new cover stitch machine I knew I needed to practice on fabrics other than knit and this was my chance.

My first problem was, as usual, not enough fabric. I had to improvise. I thought I could color block facings, pockets and other such pieces in red. Once I cut out the red color blocked pockets I didn’t like it the look though. I decided to shorten the pants to a pedal pusher style and use the trimmed fabric for my pockets. I also chose not do any of the pieces I did not have enough fabric for. Say goodbye to back pockets.

Because this pattern is sized for a 14-year-old boy or girl I measured each pattern piece and added a little crotch depth.

I stitched, serged and then cover stitched each seam. Learning to turn corners was tough on the cover stitch machine.

I kept the red facings and added them to just pop out a quarter-inch like fake out piping. This technique gave me just a peek of red along the edges.

It was fun playing in my button collection and finding the perfect buttons. I tested the holes to make sure they were right before sewing them on my almost finished garment. I wound up making the button holes a little smaller after I was finished because the buttons kept popping out. I also took the time to match the print for the pockets to give it that professional bump.

Finished and ready for the cookouts, bicycle rides and friends.



My favorite part of this outfit is the interesting things people say about it not knowing I made it.

Behind the scenes~

Had a lovely Fashion Camp last week at Rosewood.

Thank you for reading,

Tracy McElfresh

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