Sewing, making art or crafting a lot may mean your partner might suffer from neglect. You can change that. And if you do, the rewards are well worth it. This is the year that I have given Jeffrey so much love through the joy of my craft and I am going to share why you should, too. Plus a him and hers easy lingerie project.

This year I’ve made Jeffrey garments, done alterations for him in a timely manner and I made him a nice wide wale soft corduroy blanket. I have put him first on my personal project lists and it feels absolutely wonderful. I hope to give him great memories with handmade and get him more involved in something I love.

After I made Jeffrey a couple of shirts I had enough scraps left to make him little shorts. I was really surprised how much he loves them. This led to deciding to create him and hers sleep ware. I saved the perfect fabric for this very project. Jeffrey LOVES the feeling of silky fabrics. You know I wanted quick and easy and I already owned the perfect pattern. I love Kwik Sew’s classic looking patterns for this very reason.

Bonus – this pattern had shorts and a night gown. This was my perfect opportunity to try sewing the more delicate and softer side of a garment.

Sewing Stuff

A really cool time saver is that all seams were to be sewn at 1/4″ seam allowance. This is a good thing because I can do it all on my serger or I can sew it on my regular machine and never have to trim off seam allowances.

Sizing was simple xs-xl with a standard measurement guide on the back of the pattern envelope.

All the pieces have a soft drape because they are all cut on a 45 degree angle, also known as the bias or bias cut. Bias cut garments have a flowing drape because this is the loosest weaved part of the garment. You will often see hippie and festival dresses that are bias cut.

No kidding, the shorts were made in less than 30 minutes. Can you see what I did wrong with them? Jeffrey noticed right away. Guys that know about sewing are awesome!

The waves on the leg hems are caused by my serger stretching the hem out as it sews it. Because it was cut on the bias it behaves just like a stretch knit. This was an easy fix by simply adjusting my differential feed on my serger and turning it up. I should have tested my machine first and I would have noticed this.

Next was my piece, the night gown. I also made this simple pattern very quickly.


As a new seamster I wouldn’t have known what it means to ease. This simply means you gather this area just the slightest bit. If I did not gather my front notches and pieces would not have matched up to the back pieces.

Facings. Everyone that sews usually dislikes facings. You don’t find them in “off the rack” or “ready made garments.” They can often flop out of garments and it screams handmade! For years I refused to put them in my garments. I opted for using a hem tape, bias tape or lining the garment.

Facings can give structure to the garment and give the garment a professional seamless look. The trick is to find places to sew the facings down where no one will notice so they can not drift up and out.

I achieved this in 3 ways, I understitched the facing, that means I sewed the seam allowance down to the facing forcing it to stay inside. Then I stitched the sides down by stitching in the ditch. That means sewing right in-between the two side seams. This keeps your stitches hidden. Last, I sewed the straps down through all the layers.

The first time I tried to flip spaghetti straps it was a disaster and took for ever. I now use a product called Tube Turners to make this go fast.

Soft and simple, just what we needed. Jeffrey loves his shorts, too. I only wish we were the same size.

I leave you with the idea of sewing for a significant person and the reasons why you should do it! It will definitely bring you closer together. It can also get your person more involved in your passion. It will educate your person about your craft and it can teach you more about them. It will make memories in years to come.

This is my husband, Jeffrey, inside Sew to Speak Fabric and Yarn fabric shopping with me for my birthday.

Behind the scenes,

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Stay tuned, next week I ramp up your winter sewing inspiration with an easy Vogue pattern.

Thank you for reading,

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