Can you agree that after almost 20 years of experience a project should be a lot easier? I am about to repeat history and share one of the first dresses I made and some of the struggles I remembered while making it again almost 20 years later.

In 2001 my mother and I were supposed to make my wedding dress together. This would have been the first dress I ever made. When my mother got ill and couldn’t make the dress she decided to give me the pattern, supplies and an old Singer sewing machine that I used to sew on when I was a teenager. My mother felt bad and bought me a beautiful blue paisley dress from Stein Mart instead.

After getting married I ended up making the wedding dress myself. It was complex and definitely advanced. I took a lot of my questions to Hancock fabric for help and Hancock wound up hiring me. I was lucky to work with such great ladies that were so full of good advice. After that wedding dress I learned a valuable lesson, start much simpler and work your way up the skill ladder.

For my second dress I chose a dress that had no closures, but too many ruffles and elastic. I had all kinds of little problems because I didn’t have the experience at this point. Fast forward to today, with so many more dresses under my belt, I decided to remake that second dress. I am astonished how much I learned and how easy it felt. These are just a few of the challenges I had making that simpler dress that I remembered when trying it years later.

Fabric Knowledge – My other dress was made of cotton and cotton is easy to sew although it doesn’t drape nicely. It’s a bit stiff for the bohemian look I was looking for.

Elastic casings – My first dress I did not make the elastic casings wide enough and it got stuck in the dress. I had to open up seams to get it through. I now know each casing should have at least 1/2″ extra because elastic also has width which takes up room.

Measurements – This time I already knew my sizing and didn’t have to spend hours wondering why I was a 10-12 in patterns and a 6 in ready made clothing off the rack.

Fittings – I bet I didn’t fit the first dress, not even one time! The new dress I checked at least 3 times and especially once before sewing the elastic down.

Amount of fabric – I bought extra but it was still not enough because I was still learning layout and didn’t realize it takes a lit of fabric to make clothing.

Ruffle – A lot of patterns have you fold the ruffle in half. This is nice because it adds weight to the bottom and you do not have to hem it. I now know if I am short on fabric not doing this can save me a yard or two. Simply hem the bottom edge.

Belt – I skipped that this time, too.

Time – The first one took me almost a week to make in my mothers sewing room. I remember she would let me use her serger. I loved that serger so much that it was the first new machine I bought.

Behind the scenes~

Megan Fiely Art is having an art auction and all proceeds go to the Dayton tornado victims.

Copy and pasted from her page

???Auction 7 is a dress. This dress is art. This art is a masterpiece!???

Imagine my excitement when Tracy reached out with this donation! The dress fits up to size 8, 36 B and has a groovy 70’s flare. More info about this dress can be found at…/11/a-quilt-to-retreat…/

I need you to message me privately with your bid. Please specify that this is Auction 7! Bidding starts at $100. Bidding ends at 4:00 EST tomorrow, Monday June 3, at which point I will ask for PayPal payment. Tracy will arrange a local handoff or ship if needed. As soon as the money hits my account I will deposit it into the Greater Dayton Disaster Relief Fund and send you screenshots so you know it’s legit! Happy Bidding!


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