Last summer I challenged myself to figure out what to do with 60″ wide one yard pieces of fabric. I have already shared part one the shift dress and part two a caftan top. I saved the best and the worst to share last.

The best was the butterfly dress using just one yard of fabric. I created this print on Spoonflower.

Here is my cutting layout with the one yard of 60″ fabric.

I gathered my skirt and finished the hemming first.


Next I attached the skirt to the top bodice piece and finished the seams.

While the entire back was open I sewed in the invisible zipper to the back.

I used bias tape to finish the top bodice. I also ran a little elastic through the bias tape to give it a fitted look.

Last I stitched and flipped the triangle scraps and used them as straps. I didn’t do a good job with the placement of the straps and wound up moving them in towards the center to cover my bra straps.

All and all I am super happy with the look of this dress. Not so much with the next one I am about to share.

My last project with one yard was the worst. I believe in sharing the failures to keep it real and let you know that there is always room to learn.

The cropped pants. They look great standing up but way too tight when I sit down. The poly doesn’t have any give at all.

I used one of those adjustable pattern fitters and I didn’t calculate the measurements correctly from inches to meters. They sure do look cute though.

If I were to make them larger they would not fit on the one yard layout. It is just not possible to make pants out of one yard of fabric with adult 40″ hips. I put them to the side for now.

Behind the scenes~

My husband I and I launched a new hot sauce business, JuicyMelt Supreme.

I couldn’t be more excited that Jeffrey went from writing beer recipes for YSB to starting his own hot sauce business.

We will be at the Oakwood Farmers Market 9/14/19. Check out our calendar of events and stores that are carrying our products.

The new recipes include

OG Catalyst – Orange Ginger
All the Fun – White Pepper Peach
Ruby Wizard – Grapefruit Habanero

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