Piping is one of the easiest techniques to learn that can make your garments and home decor really pop! Piping makes everything look professional. Today, I share how easy it is and how I made these beautiful pillows.

Pillow inserts

The Pattern

I made a muslin first because it bothers me if the pillow cases are too tight or even the slightest bit too loose. The muslin only took about ten minutes and had the potential to save me hours. I also knew that if I squared the corners of my pillows they would have empty spots and look funny with the piping. It was easy to cut a slight curve in my muslin for testing. You can also use a plate or bowl as a template.

Now the muslin is my new pattern. I ripped out the baste stitching and labeled all of my pieces. Since the pillows would be piped around the edges I put the zipper in the back center. It only made sense to do this due to the thickness of all the layers on the piped edge.

The Piping.

The Pillows!

The Piping on the Pillows!

The Zipper

The final Steps


It was a lot of work and it was well worth it! My client left me a lovely review on my facebook page and shared this picture with all of her friends.

Thank you for reading,

Tracy McElfresh

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