I have been following Tiffany Diaz and enjoying her art work and poetry for years now with great respect. After many times commenting that her paintings would look great as a fabric I asked her if she was interested in collaborating. I was delighted when she said yes and to pick any painting and she would send me the files. I chose her piece called, “Such Thoughts.”
Two weeks later the fabric was printed and we met up at a local coffee shop.
I love how on point and precise the fabric came out! Tiffany even noticed a little print flaw in the fabric that happened to be a thread that hitchhiked in on me. Spoonflower did a great job printing her art.
I didn’t want to waste any of the beautiful fabric. Plus, I want to have a design that looked flattering on a curvy girl. I drew a design that had a fitted waist, full skirt, zero waste and POCKETS!

Drawing a design and actually making it happen are two totally different things and it’s not always easy to do. I cut all my pieces and really wanted to match them up so that the colors were spread evenly throughout the dress. Tiffany and I both love red so I wanted red blended in.

When the skirt was finished I even felt good about the execution.

Seven moths later, thanks Covid, we were able to safely get together and take photos. Tiffany is amazing, she is also a photographer and edited these photos.

More than the collaboration, Tiffany and I wound up having a lot in common and a new friendship sprang out of this. I have enjoyed getting to know her.
Tiffany Shaw-Diaz is an award-winning artist and poet who lives in Centerville, Ohio. She graduated from Wright State University in 2007 with a B.A. in Art History.
IG handle: @tiffanyshawdiaz
Behind the scenes~
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