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Elf Party Hat PDF Instructions

Supplies needed

Printed PDF Pattern 
1 Head band
1 Felt rectangle (for the primary hat color)
1 Felt rectangle (contrasting color for the band)
8”x11” Piece of interfacing
1 Feather
Sharp scissors
Glue gun
Optional, spray adhesive and sewing machine

(Disclosure) Glue guns can be hot and burn hands, please have an adult help small children.


  1. Print and cut all pieces. The interfacing gives your hat structure, don’t skip this. TIP: Cut the interfaced pieces a little smaller.
  2. I used spray adhesive to make my interfacing and band stick to my hat to save time. If you don’t have spray glue use your glue gun to do this.
  3. Cut the two straight slots on your hat base. This is what your headband will slip through to hold the hat onto the band.
  4. You can glue gun or sew the back of the hat together. I found gluing it with the glue gun challenging, hot and messy. It was easier to sew the back hat top seam quickly. If you sew use 1/4″ seam allowance, cut your top corner off and flip it right side out.
  5. Slide your hat base through the headband, felt side down using the two little slots you cut.
  6. Glue in-between the headband and the hat base to keep the hat from sliding.
  7. Glue the hat top to the base.
  8. Last! Glue your feather into the band.

Always remember these hats are supposed to look handmade so if your is not perfect you did it right.

This pattern is for personal use only. You may not sell items made from this design or any part of the pattern may not be reproduced. You may use my pattern for education purposes if you are a childcare center, preschool, school and or home school. All rights reserved Tracy’s Sewing Studio LLC 2020


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