I have been racking my brain with goals for 2021. I’ve been making goals lists for the last 30 years. It’s been a successful practice although I may have skipped some like, “dance naked in the woods under a full moon one evening.” Some were just unrealistic hopes and dreams… Change is incredibly hard when it’s not forced by way of tragedy so I will stick to dancing in my swimsuit to pop music at the community pool.

I recently saw a meme that said, “New Year, New You.” New Year, New You in my opinion is incredibly unrealistic. I went to go find that meme although fate would have it I found one much better that helped me solve my goals dilemma.

I want to be that girl! Is it possible to naturally be awesome without a “new you?” To feel comfortable in my own skin without some dramatic overhaul? We have decided to make a few small environmental changes – less plastic, less new, more refashions and purchasing local and in person. Maybe I should call 2021 the year of less. Let me clarify that, if you ask me if I want your grandmas vintage patterns I will say yes! My idea is that having less will give me more. More time, more energy, more love for what I love to do. In the year of less I want to do what makes me happy and hopefully fate will lead me to be awesome.

What ideas do you have for the new year?

Behind the scenes!

My mom crochets me lovely Christmas gifts. This is one of this years sets. She’s the best!

My latest 1960s mini dress made from a 90’s maxi dress.

Every holiday we put together a big puzzle. This one was really challenging.

We have also enjoyed the most beautiful sunsets this year. Before covid we were too busy to notice.

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