Meeting the artist Bing Davis was one of the biggest highlights just after the new year although the blessings rained down on us the entire year.

I graduated from the Kettering Leadership Academy learning a substantial amount of local history, having more community awareness and so much more that my hometown of Kettering does.

We decided to quit making hot sauce and live it up! We took our summer weekends back turning our JuicyMelt business into a food and adventure community page.

I have no idea who nominated me or voted for me! Thank you so very much! What a nice surprise.

Our wonderful son moved to Jacksonville, Florida and then moved back home last September. This made my heart happy.

I moved into my newly remodeled work studio inside of Rosewood Art Center.

I saw many art shows. I have a thing for Van Gogh and Tiffany lamps at art museums.

I had the pleasure of ice hiking for the very first time. I couldn’t have done it safely without my friends spikes and walking sticks. They closed the park the next day due it being too dangerous.

Taught so many people how to sew through Rosewood Art Center. My winter classes are out now.

Was gifted an amazing Pam Adams for my work studio. Gasp!!

Had some wonderful Dayton Garment Designer Meet ups with my crafty friends and made some new ones. Search for us on Facebook to see our meet ups and swaps.

Visited so many cool fabric stores! I love touching everything and sharing about these indie shops on my instagram page.

I got a private tour with the Kettering Arts Council of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Wescott House.

Me and my Uncle Robert in Puerto Rico for Grandma’s funeral and final resting place.

For my 50th birthday we flew to NYC and I got to see four fashion exhibits. This is a Charles James at the MET.

Clocked in many volunteer hours for the arts and my city.

Old friends feel more like family and family is always family.

I danced, sang, skated, and sewed – all with a strong purpose and heart this year.

Now, I am truly grateful for all of this as I know that nothing in this life is guaranteed.

Thank you for cheering me on this journey.

I don’t think I could ever top this very busy year. BUT… 2023 I will add Vice President of the Kettering Arts Council to my list along with so many cool things I plan on designing. See you out there and Happy New Year!

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