Unprinted Vintage Dress Pattern and Resizing

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Resizing a pattern with no print has to be the hardest skill to acquire in sewing garments. Especially if your garment is complex with many little pieces. For Memorial Day weekend I wanted to make something a little patriotic and a little from the bombshell WWII era.

Tracy McElfresh Sewing WWII Unprinted [...]
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Sewing and Designing Sleepwear that is Comfortable

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I started making and designing my own sleep wear about 3 years ago and I’ve learned so much about the garment! Most sleepwear is not comfortable for sleeping and I hope my tips help you along this journey.

Tracy McElfresh Making Sleepwear

This was my first summer gown.

My families favorite thing to […]

1940s WWII Era Inspired Tulip Dress and Matching Prints

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Prior to 2013 I was scared of matching prints. It seemed like too big of a challenge, like such a struggle to spend that much time on a dress plus sewing time. Life is short, right?

In 2012 when we first got our own little sewing shop, we had a lot of time and endless Moda brand fabric […]

Dressmaking Business

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Before I co-owned a little indie fabric shop I made dresses for people. This one I used a vintage 1946 Butterwick pattern and floral printed linen. This dress sold to the lovely lady below Diane.


I love making dresses for others. It is like a puzzle figuring out […]

The Cicada Dress an Artist Collaboration with Etch

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Local artist Etch designed a cicada bug to have printed on Spoonflower fabric for a collaboration. I love bugs and cicadas are the cutest. This is etch mixing, he’s also  a great DJ. Dayton is full of inspiration.

Tracy Mcelfresh

Here is a screen shot of […]

Snow Flake Dress Replica

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There is a shop in Dayton just a few doors down from our shop Sew Dayton called Clash. It’s a really cool dress shop that has every style under the sun. I get a lot of cool vintage dresses from this shop that I remake into new garments. This gives me the chance to […]

1940s Faux Fur Coat

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Another thing I love to make is outerwear. Coats are so much fun! I get to use all kinds of fun sewing skills when making them.\n\nThis coat was made from a 1940s vintage sewing pattern. The large pockets and lining were done in bright red Winsor Satin.\n\nTracy [...]
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Antique Shopping Kimono

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I made a kimono out of a WWII Japanese panel I found at an antiques treasure house while on vacation in Fla. I feel it shows our love for their culture even after the war.\n\nTracy McElfresh\nI wanted to cut it with respect, to have zero waste and […]

Back From Japan Dress

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I love WWII 1940s era sewing patterns. They had very little waste and used little seam allowance due to the fabric ration. Here were my picks of patterns from Wearing History’s etsy shop and my fabric from Sew to Speak another indie sewing shop here in Ohio. The fabric said it […]

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