Hancock Fabric in 2004, I was horrified when someone would ask me to help them pick decor fabric. I would start by asking the customer to describe their home. French Tudor, contemporary or traditional home. I had no idea and would simply say to my customer, “What did you gravitate to first? That’s the one!”

My dining room, kitchen, living room and hall are all one room in my little Huber Home, everything has to match.

After minimalizing, I decided it was time for a home make over. There are a lot of things I am and a home decor decorator is not one of them. In fact, all of my furniture was found curbside or was hand me down.


For help I googled paint colors that would make small spaces look larger. Then I found this! Trulia’s Blog. Just like I hope to inspire people with my blog this blog inspired me to paint, recover my sofa and make new curtains in the coordinating suggested colors.

I tested different paints from the blog while taking before and after photos during the day and night. I wanted to make sure I was exceptionally organized before painting. I gave myself two weeks to get everything together.

I really liked the white paint although I realized I would need to prime the walls first.

I cleaned all the walls, tops of doors and base boards. Then I sanded any holes, patched them and sanded again before applying the primer.


Time to buy the paint, I got the exact colors the blog stated. I went to Sherwin Williams for the Alabaster White and Star City Paint & Decorating for the Benjamin Moore Orange Blossom. Both stores were accommodating with great customer service.













I kept the orange secret from everyone, even my husband who was going to be out of town was not aware.

The week before I made matching curtains and recovered my sofa. I broke all the projects up and assigned them to nights of the week to make them obtainable.

Tip. If you buy home decor fabric wait for it to go on sale for 50% off because it’s very expensive. Lori from Joann was a big help. Thank you Lori for being a part of my story.

Painting tips. Have clean soapy water and carpet cleaner ready for any quick clean up. I also felt it was easier to tape the baseboards. I covered all of my furniture that was too large to move and I put the tools I needed on the table for easy access. Last tip is to get good brushes! I used a cheap brush that came with a kit for the primer and it dripped paint all over.










I’m fortunate one of my best friends used to be a professional painter and she came to my rescue. Karen has been helping me paint for over 11 years. She cuts in super well and I simply go behind her and roll. She also fixed all of my novice mistakes. Thank you Karen for being the best!


Behind the scenes~

Still time to sign up for Endless Tea and Scones Embroidery Class at Communitea. All supplies are included and you get to take them home to finish your project!

I made the most beautiful wedding dress last week. I wish I could share more.

















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