When I bought a vinyl (laminated cotton) I had no idea what to do with it. I wanted to make our new business Juicymelt Supreme some kind of hot sauce carrier for sampling, but I was not sure what type. After hours of searching I was overjoyed to find Sallie Tomato Backyard Carrier printable pattern online for $10.

As if life is not hard enough after finding the perfect pattern I didn’t realize different rules would apply because I was not using the same material. Anytime you change the fabric, you change all the rules and directions.

Today, I hope you enjoy my tips and tricks for using vinyl, oilcloth or laminated cotton instead of cotton.

Once I got all of my pieces cut out I realized I could not use my iron to press my interfacing onto it and had to make other arrangements.

A little trip to garage with a can of basting spray did the trick.

My next problem was whether or not I was going to be able to sew such thickness with a home sewing machine. I tested a strip with my walking foot, denim needle and a long stitch. It worked! I moved on to my next problem to be solved.

I couldn’t use pins in vinyl/oilcloth. It would be to hard to pierce and it would leave holes. I remembered some hair clips I had and they worked out perfectly.

Flipping the interfaced vinyl/oilcloth pieces would have been impossible if not for my blow dryer. When the plastic heats up it gets more malleable and is easier to turn.

In places I couldn’t get clips or pins I used Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse.

This worked out great for my inside beverage dividers.

Since the vinyl/oilcloth doesn’t fray out I simply topstitched parts that were on the inside of the carrier.

Because I mostly make clothing I found this project very rewarding once it was completed. We get lots of complements on our Back Yard Carrier.


Behind the Scenes~

We recently sewed through and sold all of Welker Studio’s art tie collection when making the “Art Masks”. I can’t believe it. Next up Mr. Thom Meyer, retired Fairmont HS photography teacher donated his tie collection for a fun new round. To see more please follow my  Facebook page.

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Tracy McElfresh

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Tracy McElfresh