If you’re like me you tend to go overboard. You are the person with everything. By everything I mean material, material and material makings. After making a quilt I had 6 yards of bias tape left over and it had me exploring ways to use it. As I researched online I found numerous blog posts on sewing bias tape and making bias tape, but no real compiled lists of projects. So I made my own here!

  1. The most obvious – use it for quilt binding.

2. Great small gifts, pot holders, baby bibs, burp cloths and pennant banners.

3. Bias tape can also be used to make trims.

4. If they are 100% cotton you can tie your tomatoes and veggies to poles with bias tape.

5. Button Loops

6. Decorating fabrics.

7. Finishing necklines. Throw those old fashioned facings to the curb and try bias tape on the neckline.

8. As hem tape to extend a hemline. I wrote another blog post on 7 Ways to Extend a Hemline.

9. Ties for masks, aprons, dresses and anything that needs a tie.

10. To make an outfit complete when you do not have nearly enough fabric.

Bonus! Use old scraps of bias tape to identify your special scissors. I learned this when I worked at Hancock Fabric and it has stayed with me throughout the years.

Behind the scenes~

Between work and my home projects I have my hands full. I am excited to share more in next weeks holiday addition blog post.

Thank you for reading,

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