We’ve all been there, we either cut the hemline a bit short, ran out of fabric or have to deal with the thing tall people deal with every day – my garment is too SHORT!!!

I hope you enjoy a few fun things I have done to help lengthen those hemlines over the years.

  1. The easiest way, if you have access to the fabric, is to add a border. If you have a store bought dress you can buy two dresses to do this.

2. You can add fringe, tulle or wild trim.


3. Try adding lace.

4. Completely cut off a thrift store dress and add it underneath.

5. Get really creative and add a vintage curtain to the bottom.


6. If possible let the hemline down. Professionally, I let pants down frequently. Most pants have 1″-2″ hemline. With bias tape or hem tape I can let the hem all but 1/4″ down. I can never promise to get the crease out as sometimes they are permanent.

7. Last but not least, those short, light and airy dresses can sometimes just need weight added to the bottom to help lengthen the hemline. Try adding a heavy lace to the bottom, a ribbon to the underneath where no one can see it or I have even seen people add pennies to the hemlines.

Bonus~ If you cut a hemline too short and still have the remaining pieces try reattaching that piece back first, then add decorative stitching. Don’t tell anyone it wasn’t done on purpose.

Behind the scenes~

We are still working on what we can from home these days. Mostly masks, patches, repairs and no contact projects. These projects have kept us fed and we are so very grateful. We have no new news when Rosewood or my studio will open back up. We are hanging in there and hope you are too!

Thank you for reading,

Tracy McElfresh

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