This year is the year of less here at the House of McElfresh. Just a touch of minimalism can save money, help make us more mindful, and free up some time. I disclose that this isn’t our first attempt at trying this! It is always a work in progress. Each time we’ve tried “less,” we have improved our lives because small things all add up.

Darning Socks

One small way to save is darning the little holes in your socks instead of buying new every year, and it’s super easy.

Supplies Needed

Sharp needle
Darning egg/mushroom or something round to put into the sock (any small balls or round objects that fit)
Socks with holes


Many times holes are made in parts of your socks due to the material repeatedly stretching. This tends to happen on heels and toes most often. This is why you want to use a darning egg or a ball to give your hole a little stretch, instead of a pucker.

  1. Place your round object into the sock where the hole is and place a rubber band around it to hold it place.

2. Thread your needle with the thread folded in half and a good size knot in the bottom. I will use contrasting thread so you can see my stitches better, although you can choose any color you like. Visible mending is a really cool trend right now in sewing and using a contrasting color of thread is neat.

3. Assess your damage.

4. Sewing – make sure your knot does not pull through. If it does you can use an anchor stitch to hold it securely.

5. Start stitching with a satin stitch making lateral or vertical stitches into your sock. These will feel odd, long and overdone. They work so roll with it. Go all the way cross to the other side. Be sure to go longer than the frayed area.

6. We are already half way done! This is so easy! Next, we will basket weave in and out of the vertical threads we just made.

7. Once you are all the way through go back and fill in any holes either vertical or horizontal until you see no holes.

8. Tie off a knot in your thread by grabbing a bit of the stable sock fabric and threading the needle back through that loop two times to secure your work.

Above is an example of using the same colored thread and how your stitches are barely noticeable.

I will say when you start your darning party you may find more holes and bare spots than you thought you had. Most times once you get the hang of mending your own socks it can be darned easily while watching a movie.

The rewards of buying less are worth it.

Behind the scenes~

Stay tuned for the results of the swimwear month challenge, coming soon. This was a fun replica from a photo.

Thank you for reading,

Tracy McElfresh

Dream it! Sew it!