After buying a bunch of shoes through a Facebook ad on 4/20 I learned my lesson about not buying a bunch of shoes through a Facebook ad. That’s a longer story and not what this post is about, but I will say FB is constantly putting cuteness in my feed. I hope you enjoy my attempt to recreate a style I’ve seen in other FB ads. Shorts!

True Bias makes a pattern very similar to these shorts but in a woven material. I started with their Emerson Pant pattern and converted the sizing to work with a knit. Since this was a test garment I skipped their waistband and added waist elastic.

Attempt two was to figure out the ruching (making gathering thread lines) on the sides of the front. This was my first plan.

It wound up being like big elephant ears and causing a big crotch oddity, typically called the smile.

I knew this was a possibility and thought ahead to salvage the project by basting the uncertain parts. Pair number two once they were redrafted to the original pattern.

Attempt number three was still not successful, but it was better, and I honestly thought this would work. I reviewed a few blog posts where skirts were made with this technique. I tried it even though a skirt is not like shorts because of the things that can go wrong in the crotch. Perhaps I made the angle too long. Gathering that edge seemed to curl the fabric into an upward wing which made a smiley face in the crotch. Ugh.

Again elephant ears and crotch oddities! Time to bust out my mad seam ripping skills.

I remembered seeing an article from Threads Magazine last year that used the slash and spread method to ruche the front of a skirt panel. Attempt number four.

This time they were still not perfect but I was closer to the look I was attempting to achieve.

As you can see they still pop out at the side bottoms slightly. A few more thoughts, tapering the back of the shorts leg to compensate and using thinner material that would drape better.

Plus now I have three new pair of shorts with pockets for walking.

Behind the scenes~

I’m on staycation this week!

Thank you for reading!

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