Every year I have a little mantra for myself to become a better person. 2017, “Tracy the world doesn’t revolve around you, keep your mouth shut and move on.” This was to help me not personalize every little thing.

2018 was the ‘Year of Less,” use it or let go. This was after we closed Sew Dayton and I was having so much trouble letting go of sewing things.

2019 was the year of “NO,” I said no to so much and really worked on my boundaries.

Now it’s 2020 and I feel like I am too hard on myself. Instead of a long list of things to add to my plate, I plan on doing all that I do and simply doing it just a little bit better. I’m working out just a little harder and eating just a bit better. Well, this was all before Covid 19 hit! In March it changed from “Year of Better,” to “Roll with It.”

I want to live to the fullest on a budget and with safety Covid restrictions. This in itself is a challenge. I hope that out of this will come fun fashions and creative new looks. I have been stock piling vintage inspiration photos and watching classic films.

Drastic times call for drastic changes! I’m rolling with whatever I can get away with. I was asked to replicate this tent skirt and fun was had.

I started with counting the stripes on the front in relation to the waistband. Oh, and the very important pockets!

For the skirt of the dress I pleated 152″ of 30″ long panels.

Last I prayed that she loved it.



I can’t wait to make many more fun projects like this!

Behind the scenes~

Did you know I have a fabric shop on Spoonflower with over 152 designs?

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