Making garments to sell can be incredibly expensive. In addition to skillset time (labor) you also have fabric costs that can get expensive quick. Let’s get creative and share those money saving tips!

1. Use your sewing groups, have a fabric swap or ask your friends and networks if they have what you need. Seamsters are often hoarders that love to share.

2. NEW! Look for fabric for sale on FB market, eBay, freecycle and Craigs list. There are some real steals out there.

3. Don’t discount goodwill and thrifted fabric. Table cloths, duvet covers, sheets and much more can make great garments often for less than 5 bucks.

4. Find cheap antique shops, they don’t move fabric quickly so it’s usually really cheap. Ask for a deal if something has been there for a while.

5. Refashion or reuse other thrifted or hand me down garments for the fabric. Fix up something you made. I do this all the time.

6. Check those remnant carts. Big box stores always have a cart of fabric they put the ends of bolts on for a discounted price. They don’t put them out in the open for obvious reasons, so ask!

7. Favorite Indie shop? They always have holiday sales. Save up, set yourself a budget, know what you want and what you plan to make and hit the sale then. They will love you for it and need our business.

7. Think outside the box. Save buttons, zippers, bias tape and other supplies. You can rip them off of old garments. I usually go to the thrift store for fancy laces, closures like frogs and hardware.

8. Keep your sewing machine maintenance up to date. Cleaning your machine after every use will prolong its life – keeping simple parts from breaking, and saving you money from having unnecessary sewing machine services.

9. Make things you will actually wear. This is the hardest one for me because what I am attracted to is not always what looks good on me.

10. Many Indie companies have large bundle packages or mystery bundle packages. Go in on one with a friend and split it up for fun.

EXTRA! Wash full loads when pre-washing your fabric. Cut dryer sheets in half if you use them, and use half of the detergent while adding a cup of vinegar. This saves so much money.

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