Ready for me to blow your mind? Well, with this really fast and easy to make project I just may! I’m turning a down throw blanket into a cocoon sleeping bag AND this three step process has no cutting required!

For this project you will need-

Down Throw Blanket
Sewing Machine
Snaps (optional)



These throws can be purchased online and cost little in comparison to a regular sleeping bag for summer.

1.  Lay your throw open with the outside facing up. Pin five squares up and machine stitch the very edge with a sharp needle. Remember to backstitch really well at the beginning and end of each seam.

2. Fold blanket so that seam we just sewed is in the center of the blanket. Tip! The squares make it easy to find. Pin the bottom and sew across.

3. Box the bottom corners. This is done by folding the bottom corners in the opposite direction and stitching across. The bottom seam will be going across the top of your corners. I stitched a line parallel to the quilted line on mine. Do this on the left and right sides to give it the cocoon look.

Since this is a summer bag we can skip the zipper. But, if you want to you can add snaps all the way up every square or every other square. It adds a nice touch.

Best of all these down throws can be folded up to fit into a large Ziplock bag great for traveling light.

It really is that easy and I hope you will give it a try.

Behind the scenes~

We are on vacation this week!

Thank you for reading!

Dream it! Sew it!