Full disclosure ~ I have made this family recipe many times with great success. This time, I decided to leave out the extra cup of sugar and corn starch in the glaze due to the fact that Jello already has a lot of sugar. Huge mistake! It did not work out at all. The glaze was not thick enough and turned my pre-cooked crusts into dough again. My friends and I ate only the strawberries with whip cream out of the pie while hysterically laughing at my disobedience to a recipe. This recipe is super easy.

I love fresh fruit when it comes into season in Ohio. With this years late frost we were not able to make it out to the very few farms to pick our own strawberries. I really wanted get to a farm but I had to be honest with myself. I know that there isn’t always time to do everything. Luckily DLM had local strawberries.


A few of the berries picked from previous years.

This recipe came from a 1956 Puerto Rican Cookbook. Hand picked strawberries are usually the best because the smaller they are the more you can get into  your pie.

Life is short so I bought pie crusts and pre-baked and chilled them prior.

Other ingredients for 1 pie
2 tablespoons corn starch
4 tablespoons strawberry flavored  gelatin
1 cup of cool water
1 cup of sugar

1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice
3 boxes of fresh strawberries
Whipped cream for topping

Cut tops off of the strawberries, place the clean berries ends up in your chilled pie crust.

To make the gel, in a sauce pan stir in all remaining ingredients with a wooden spoon and bring to a boil. Let cool, it’s really that easy and I’m kicking myself now for not doing this.

This glaze gel that holds the pie together will make the crust taste like strawberry cookies if done correctly.

Pour gel mixture into pie. Wrap and chill for 3 hours.

Garnish with whip cream and enjoy!


Behind the scenes~

Here are a few bad pictures of what the crust looked like from not following the recipe.

TIPS – Following a recipe is not a science project and don’t try to cut your own hair!

I am still at home and not taking new work due to the coronavirus. Rosewood Art Centre, where my studio is located, is still not open. I received an email last week that we will be opening July 8th. I am looking forward to going back although I am not sure what that look like yet. I know I am going to change my open hours to appointment only until we are in the clear. As far as my sewing classes go, they will be online. We are taping them next week. Exciting!


Thank you for reading!

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