Ready, Set, Serve – Mesh Tops

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I love a cool mesh top for summer activities and when I do indoor exercise. This project was fast and easy to make. Here, I share my experience with a modest tee, stretch mesh pattern [...]

A Quilt to Retreat In

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Do you quilt, make your own clothing or just want to fit in with people like you? I bet you said yes to at least one of those questions. I did, too. So, when a [...]

A Valentine’s Day Science Experiment

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This science project started because of yet another epic fail. While packing fabric for a Valentine's Day dress to make in my Rosewood Art Centre studio I grabbed what I thought was dark scuba knit [...]

Reflecting a Light Backwards

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In the beginning I had an idea. The idea turned into a project that also continued to evolve. In the end the project turned out radically different from that idea as it was envisioned. These [...]

Listen, Do You Want to Know a Secret?

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Born into this? I believe we all enter this world with something that gives us a little sparkle in our eyes. It's something that motivates us to keep wanting more, to charge ahead and create [...]

Defiance and the Raincoat Practice Pt. 2

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You may remember my banner raincoat project fail in last week's post? This time I chose to do this project with a more malleable textile called oilcloth. I can be ambitious and brave sometimes, or perhaps [...]

Storm Clouds and the Raincoat, pt 1

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My raincoat story is about failure and success when learning a new skill. I want to show you that every project does not always work out as planned. Sadly, the banner project did not come [...]

Fire Dancing Performance Wear with Astrea Taylor

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Magic, fire dancing, witchcraft, published author, blogger and elf ears, Co-Curator of Blessed Be Boxes! When I met Astrea in 2012 I immediately knew she would be someone I would admire. I have been watching her [...]

No Wrong Moves with Iris Van Herpen

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Iris Van Herpen is a Dutch fashion designer that manages to balance technology, femininity and nature in her amazing works. I caught her show, "Transforming Fashion,” last December when it appeared at the Cincinnati Museum of [...]