Easy Hippie Dress

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What makes a garment easy to sew? No closures, no lining and very little advanced techniques being used. The only fancy thing here was the welted pocket. You may leave that out or do a [...]

From MuuMuu to 1940s Pinup Playsuit

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I'm so excited to share what these MuuMuu's turned into. I love a good upcycle puzzle. Taking a piece of clothing and making it into something totally different is an art form. Last summer, Sarah [...]

Fearless Swimwear Sewing

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I have a sure proof way of getting over any fears of sewing swimwear to share with you today. Try cutting up and refashioning an old swimsuit or one that you know can be replaced [...]

From Play to Passion

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When I was young, I used to dress my Barbie Dolls in scraps of fabric, creating unique fashions for the various festivals and outings they would attend. When I was in high school, my Grandmother [...]

Fat Quarter Bundle Zero Waste Skirt

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Everyone has been asking how I made this skirt and so I would like to share the entire experience. It was super bowl Sunday and I needed something fun to do. On my way out [...]

The Challenge of Smoking Jackets

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Today, I happily share one of my more challenging projects that really got me outside of my comfort zone. The most troublesome projects can sometimes feel like a cloud hanging over your head. They are [...]

Garment Sewing on a Shoe String

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Some say you cannot sew for less money than you can buy something ready-made. I'm here to prove them wrong, sometimes. I agree brandname fabric purchased new can be very costly but there are still [...]

Fabric, Frida and Me in NYC

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It's time to be the girl I want to be. The girl that travels for art and inspiration and then writes about the adventure. The plan was to drive to New York City, see lots [...]

WWII Era Vintage Sewing

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Want your own sewing retreat but don't want to spend lotsa money? Well, shop your sewing room and borrow from your mother, then put your blinders on for a 4 day weekend sewing project at [...]

Ready, Set, Serve – Mesh Tops

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I love a cool mesh top for summer activities and when I do indoor exercise. This project was fast and easy to make. Here, I share my experience with a modest tee, stretch mesh pattern [...]

A Quilt to Retreat In

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Do you quilt, make your own clothing or just want to fit in with people like you? I bet you said yes to at least one of those questions. I did, too. So, when a [...]

A Valentine’s Day Science Experiment

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This science project started because of yet another epic fail. While packing fabric for a Valentine's Day dress to make in my Rosewood Art Centre studio I grabbed what I thought was dark scuba knit [...]